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Total Population: 66 991 856

Natural Increase: 0.4%

Density: 117 Inhabitants/km²

Urban Population: 79.99%

Capital : Paris

Population of main cities including suburbs: Paris (11,769,000); Lyon (1,665,000);Marseille (1,605,000); Lille (1,143,000); Bordeaux (1,010,000); Nice (943,000);Toulouse (851,000); Nantes (804,000); Strasbourg (639,000); Montpellier (252,000); Rennes (206,000).

Ethnic Origins: A mix of Celtic and Latin peoples with North African, African and Asian minorities.

Official Language: French

Other Languages Spoken: The regional languages (Breton, Corsican, Catalan, etc.) are only spoken locally and by a minority of French people.

Business Language(s): While French is the official language in France, many business people speak English. According to the type of company contacted, its geographical location and sector of activity, it may be difficult to find someone who speaks English. Being able to communicate and negotiate in the French language provide a distinct advantage.

Religion: Catholics 62%, Protestants 1%, Jews 1%, Muslims 6%, No religion 26%.

Area: 549,091 km²

Type of State: Republic, parliamentary democracy combined with presidential power.

Type of Economy: High-income economy, OECD member, G8 member. 
The world's leading tourist destination; one of the top ten export powers of the world; a relatively high unemployment rate (regularly to about 10%).




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 Source: WTO - World Trade Organization - Last Available Data.